We only use the latest generation acrylic polymer sunglasses lenses, which are produced exclusively for our glasses by combining the best available materials with the most advanced production technologies. The colour pigments and mineral elements are added at the time of moulding in order to render the vision as sharp as possible, while at the same time increasing the definition of the colour and contrast.

Giuliani Occhiali Sunlenses H63


We have adopted the use acrylic polymer lenses of the latest generation, which are extremely lightweight, and combine excellent optical quality with high mechanical strength.


One of the peculiarities of these materials lies in the colouring process, which requires the colour pigment to be added at the time of moulding, thus allowing the brilliance and colour to be maintained over time.

Giuliani Occhiali

Giuliani Occhiali sunlenses


Our lenses provide 100% protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, and are available in a wide range of colours in order to adapt to the trends of the times.

The full range of colours can be applied to our entire collection, thus allowing the customer to create their own combinations, for glasses with a unique and personal feel. The lenses are enriched with multiple treatments in order to enhance their characteristics.


is a super hydrophobic, oleophobic and antistatic coating. It prevents dirt, dust and liquid particles from adhering to the lens, protecting it and leaving it extremely smooth and easy to clean.


the treatment is carried out using the high vacuum technology, sealed with protective quartz coating. It increases the hardness and abrasion resistance prolonging the life of the lens over time.


it’s a particular type of mirror coating consisting of multiple micro layers which contribute to increase the colour range of the mirror and preserve its longevity.


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